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Our three levels

Conscious Being by ME (CBbyME) provides services linked well-being and everything connected to it. It is all about assessing and improving well-being, rising awareness and learning new things, guiding people. To make the provision of services and the effect of improving well-being more significant, services divided into three levels – individual coaching, work place environment, city level.

We specialise in coaching business owners, heads of departments, senior managers and anyone who bears responsibility for others and wants to create and support an environment where employees’ well-being is prioritised. Also, we welcome all individuals who wish to explore their well-being and improve it.

The individual coaching takes place within several steps:
• A free 45-minute call to introduce each other and outline your goals.
• Develop a tailored pathway for you.
• Follow the pathway with ongoing support during your experiments on well-being.

You can start now by scheduling your first call for free.

You can read about the importance of personal well-being here and how managers and owners influence employees’ well-being here.

Even though well-being is unique for every person, every company can do a lot to create a supportive and nourishing environment at work, in the office or working from home settings. CBbyME is here to help assess and improve all aspects of well-being in the office, working from home settings and fieldwork.

To create this environment, CBbyME suggests several main steps:
• After the initial introduction, we assess the well-being resources and policies of the company.
• We design a survey for all employees and conduct selective interviews with some of them.
• We analyse the gathered information to create a report with identified challenges and recommendations for managing these challenges.
• We present this report to you and explain all details.
• After you implement some recommendations, we will return with a follow-up survey to assess the results.

You can start now by scheduling your first call for free.

If you want to know more, we can schedule a meeting to discuss your case or look for more details in the CBbyME blog here.

Moreover, we supply additional services:

  • We are ready to design and conduct workshops for employees to raise awareness of well-being.
  • We assist in creating a roadmap for implementing recommendations and managing the implementation process.
  • We can be your regular assistant in all questions regarding well-being, including all the services mentioned above.
  • We are able to create a well-being department inside your organization, including developing a well-being strategy, formulating policies and hiring new staff.

Supporting and improving well-being in cities means creating an environment with opportunities for citizens to be happy. Then they would attract new people, exciting projects, investments, etc. and save on healthcare. It is more complex than we want because the city is a complicated environment, and it is not easy to assess and improve well-being when there are so many inhabitants.

To define the challenges and needs of citizens and find appropriate solutions, CBbyME supplies assistance in three directions:
• CBbyME acts as a research center on well-being topics. We conduct different types of research to understand the situation and develop solutions with citizens and authorities.
• We analyze existing policies and suggest changes to prioritize well-being in a legal domain. Also, we develop a strategy to promote well-being and raise awareness among all citizens.
• CBbyME becomes an educational center designing workshops and reading lectures about well-being and how it affects our life. We believe that education is the key to improvement.

You can start now by scheduling your first call for free.

Our main goal is to make the city a better place to live, and we would love to work with everyone who pursues the same purpose. To learn more about how this laboratory operates, please read here.